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Michael Baksa

Michael Baksa lives and works on Cape Cod, a region of spectacular beauty stretching 65 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. A retired cabin cruiser, renovated by Michael and now permanently on land, makes a perfect artisan’s goldsmith studio, where he creates his jewelry designs, one at a time.
      Michael began his goldsmith career at the age of 17 through a traditional apprenticeship to master goldsmith Bernard Kelly, from New York City. Michael learned all of the time-honored techniques of creating fine gold and gemstone jewelry, while also engaging with customers in the showroom. Here he realized that his art was a way to share his love for the Earth’s precious elements. He learned that his passion was a way to ignite the passion of others.
     For 35 years Michael operated his own jewelry studio and gallery, Baksa Studio, on Cape Cod with his wife Teresa, a painter. In 2014, his work began to take off in markets beyond Cape Cod. This success was a floodgate of inspiration for Michael and his designs started evolving in new ways. He invented bold designs to showcase larger, and more unusual bezel-set gemstones, surrounded by hammered and crushed gold frames. He learned how to cut cabochon stones in order to customize them to his designs. Here he found a new passion for “…coaxing a beautiful gemstone out of a slab or crystal of rough material, from a cave floor, into something beautiful and dazzling.”
     Now Michael’s jewelry is sold only through fine designer jewelry galleries and stores across the country. And his journey continues to inspire him in even more ways.
“The role of the artist is to remind people of the beauty around us even in the most difficult of times, and to endow our work with a piece of ourselves to share with others. For me that means bringing a bit of Heaven to Earth to remind us of where we came from. Gold is here as a result of exploding stars and those explosions are mimicked in each unique gemstone I choose to work with.”